Mobile and Email Retention Policy

As a company, we primarily work through our ticketing system. Since our ticketing system is integrated with our service, this allows us to streamline activations, cancellations, and troubleshooting without the need to wait. We use your emails to resolve your requests as soon as possible, along with anything else we offered you during your tenure with us. Therefore, we retain your emails between us indefinitely for customer service purposes only. We do not sell your email or sign you up for anything. 

Our general customer support phone number is listed on our website. You may call or text that phone number for support. We retain any text message from you for a period of one (1) year. After that, it is deleted permanently from our system. Our text messaging is strictly for informational and technical support only. We will not send you any promotional offerings within a text message. All orders must be submitted online on our website.  

Privacy, Safety, and Legal Information

We value your privacy and secure your basic information. We only retain the name on your PayPal (or guest checkout), your email, text messages (for up to a year), and payment records from PayPal or Shopify. We do not keep anything else from you. This information is stored offline, to a encrypted (Veracrpt) drive. We do not see your credit card number or funding type. PayPal retains your payment information for up to 5 years (by law).

We do not share your information with anyone, ever. If we ever receive a legal notice, such as a subpoena, regarding your use of the service, or a request on information about you, in the interest of transparency, we will provide you the relevant information on what is being requested of you.