Pink Plan + Router

Sale price$119.99
T Mobile Data
Inseego Device

Pink Plan + Router

Sale price$119.99
Plan: $119.99
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Device:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or Choose Device

This plan includes:

  • First month's service included
  • 800 GB high-speed data
  • Leading 5G network
  • Highest Cell Tower Priority
  • Unthrottled service with no speed caps
  • No contract necessary
  • Inseego MiFi x Pro 5G UW Mobile Hotspot

Other providers will slow internet speeds for high data users. The Pink Plan with EZ Mobile Data will give you 800 GB of unthrottled high-speed data!

EZ Mobile Data offers fast, reliable 5G internet for truck drivers while they are on the road.

Our Pink Plan keeps truckers connected all across the United States. this plan is our top recommendation for internet service for someone who is on the road and relies on a fast connection on the road without dead zones.

We know you’re on the move, so we have options to help you get your device where you need it and when you need it with flexible delivery and activation options.

  • Standard USPS Priority Mail
    2-3 business day delivery to the address you’ve provided.
  • Post Office Hold
    At checkout let us know where you’ll be passing through and we will be in touch with the post office in that city where your package can be held for you.
  • Activate Later
    Have the device sent by USPS priority mail and activated when you get there, even if that isn’t for a few weeks. Billing won’t start until the device is activated.

Reliable High-Speed Internet. Anytime, Anywhere

Only EZ Mobile Data gives you the fastest and most reliable Internet wherever you find yourself.

If the Pink Plan doesn’t fit your needs, EZ Mobile Data has other solutions for truck drivers