Each Plan (Red Plan, Blue Plan, and Pink Plan), contain respective agreements, bound by the carrier:

Blue Plan

Red Plan

Pink Plan

Additionally, you agree:

-Not to resell the service.

-Not to conduct any illegal activities on the service.

-Service is prepaid, and as such, no refunds on the service.

All of our plans are subject to cancellation for violation of the intended usage policy or the misuse policy of the network carrier. Service can be cancelled without notice. Violations of misuse policy include but are not limited to, plan sharing or using our plans to provide Internet for multiple residences, telemetry / IoT usage, P2P sharing, etc.. Excessive gross data consumption relative to typical usage on our plans, large amounts of data consumption over short periods, conducting illegal activities or downloading illegal content. Service begins on the date that your device or SIM card is delivered. 

Each carrier has the right to change their plan for any reason, which may affect you. If this were to occur, you will be given a prorated refunds for the remaining days of service. Because we aren't the carriers, we also have no ability to fix or upgrade any tower. Service speeds are not guaranteed, are not guaranteed to work everywhere, and work exactly like a typical plan you would sign up for. Because of these reasons, we don't offer any contracts on the service.

Privacy, Safety, and Legal Information

We value your privacy and secure your basic information. For legacy customers, or customers who may have signed up outside of the site, we only retain the name on your PayPal (or guest checkout), your email, and payment records from PayPal / Stripe. We do not keep anything else from you. We do retain your emails to ensure quality control. This information is stored offline, to a encrypted (Veracrpt) drive. When you use PayPal / Stripe for our devices and services, we do not see your credit card number or funding type. PayPal retains your payment information for up to 5 years (by law).

We do not share your information with anyone, ever. If we ever receive a legal notice, such as a subpoena, regarding your use of the service, or a request on information about you, in the interest of transparency, we will provide you the relevant information on what is being requested of you. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We are able to provide in bulk! Please contact us via our contact us page to inquire!