Which Mobile Data Plan Is Right for Me?

Which Mobile Data Plan Is Right for Me?

With the ever increasing need to stay connected to the world, it can be overwhelming to decide what would be the best fit for your needs. Let us help you decide.
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Figuring out the best data plan for travel, without the fancy jargon.

With the ever increasing need to stay connected to the world, it can be overwhelming to decide what would be the best fit for your needs. No need to worry, EZ Mobile Data has you covered! We are here to make the landscape of rural, RV, and on-the-go data as easy as possible. We've broken this article down so that you can choose the best data plan for your needs.

How you get internet anywhere starts with “why”?

The first step in this journey is figuring out what you're intending to use the service for and why. Although it's obvious (internet, duh!), what may not be obvious is how your lifestyle and circumstances could convolute your decision making process. 

Internet in Rural and Stationary Environments

The typical use case for this customer is lack of broadband infrastructure or quality options in the given area. For this use case, it's important to figure out which carriers provide service in your area (note that service in Canada is only covered by the Blue Plan):

Pink Plan Coverage Map

Blue Plan Coverage Map

Red Plan Coverage Map

Once you've determined which carrier services your area, the next step (and most important) is approximating the distance between you and the nearest tower with a clear line of sight. Unfortunately, carriers don't indicate where towers are exactly. CellMapper can help with that.

Although not 100% accurate, it's accurate enough to cross reference with your official carrier's website, allowing you to determine what should work best for your area. Input your preferred carrier on the left and scroll down to input your location. Try inputting just your zip code or just your street address, nothing more. Any tower that is red is unconfirmed and anything green is confirmed to be used by the carrier in question.

Is the carrier's website not matching up with the information from CellMapper? Not to worry! Generally, the carriers will show a location as eligible for their service as long as the signal strength is there. We offer a 14 day return policy in case the service doesn't match up to your expectation, and we try our best to switch you over to an alternative service to ensure that you get coverage as a permanent solution.

If you're unsure of the quality of your signal in the given area, please email us at info@ezmobiledata.com so we can determine this for you. 

Internet for RV users | EZ Mobile Data

Internet for RV Owners

The typical use case for this customer is needing connectivity in multiple areas without a fixed location. It's important to figure out where you will be traveling and using the carrier maps to find the best solution. Firstly, you want to look at the maps above and coordinate them with any pit stops, gas breaks, RV parks, and other excursions. Most carriers have excellent coverage on major highways, and although it's a pain to use each website to find out whether your stops include coverage, it will ensure your trip runs smoothly.

Once you determine the best carriers for your RV or mobile internet needs, use these tips to further narrow down your selection:

  • Traveling in or out of Alaska, Mexico, or Canada? Without question, the Blue Plan will have you covered. This is the only plan that has extensive coverage in Alaska, along with roaming options in Mexico and Canada.
  • Traveling in very rural parts of the United States? The Red Plan should suit your needs. Although all the carriers offer rural coverage, slight preference should be towards the Red Plan for extremely remote locations.
  • Traveling in more suburban areas with more city life, or looking to maximize the best 5G? Take a look at the Pink Plan, as it has the best and largest 5G in the country. With the acquisition of Sprint, it will likely get better over time! 

EZ Mobile Data’s Product and Plans For You

Looking for a multi carrier solution? We have you covered! We partner with distributors of Pepwave, a device that can handle multiple SIM cards for a two carrier solution, ensuring complete coverage!

Need a backup internet source in case your primary internet goes down? Considering the multiple setups across hundreds of devices, the Pink Plan and Red Plan can be added within your current infrastructure, with a preference towards the former due to added static IP capability.

We hope this article gives you clarity on what would suit your needs. If it's still too confusing, or you want us to build you a custom solution for your needs, feel free to email us at info@ezmobiledata.com so we can do the legwork for you.