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Heading to Canada long term, or are you a Canadian citizen seeking unlimited data in Canada? We got you covered! Our Blue Plan (Coverage Map) comes with unlimited data per month, perfect for RVers, rural homes, and individuals on the go that need a reliable and fast data connection no matter where their adventures may take them! Coverage runs primarily on Rogers (Coverage Map), but within the settings you may change your preferred network to either Bell (Coverage Map) or Telus (Coverage Map), if available in your area!

Service is unthrottled, with no speed caps. Service is comparable to current cellular technology. Although service isn’t throttled or slowed for any reason, the respective carrier may reprioritize your data in times of congestion. Deprioritization is done by carriers to avoid service degradation for all customers, regardless of location. This generally does not impact your speed or quality of service, but please keep in mind that cellular data speeds are variable.

Fast and Flexible!

I recommended this product Excellent Support and Service Overall experience was great, the support was extremely friendly and service is excellent. I am from Canada and I love their service and support.

Blue Plan (Unlimited - Canadian Customers)

Wajih A. Verified Buyer



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