Red Plan (200GB)
Red Plan (200GB)

Red Plan (200GB)

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Our Red Plan (Coverage Map) comes with 200GB of high-speed data, ideal for moderate data usage on the go that need a reliable, and fast data connection no matter where their adventures may take them! This product is also perfect for customers who have their own device, wishing to use our service. A SIM card will be mailed to you, along with instructions on how to set up the service on your respective device.

Service is unthrottled, with no speed caps. Service is comparable to current cellular technology. Although service isn’t throttled or slowed for any reason, the respective carrier may reprioritize your data in times of congestion. Reprioritization is done by carriers to avoid service degradation for all customers, regardless of location. This generally does not impact your speed or quality of service, but please keep in mind that cellular data speeds are variable.